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Missionary List

We present the following list as a prayer guide.  Each missionary has special family and work needs.  All are selfless servants of the Lord.  We humbly ask your prayers.  In some cases we have not included their names for their own protection…these perhaps need even more prayer.  Some serve in the 10/40 window.  Some serve in countries that require their work to go unsung and unrecognized at the threat of death.  I beg you to pray for all of them as I did just now.

Burkina Faso
Amedjonekou, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Bazie, Mr. & Mrs. Andre, Associate Church Planter from Africa

Equatorial Guinea
Diaz, Manuel & Reina, Church planters in Bata, from Mexico
Valle Tierra Blanca, Mr. & Mrs. Enrique, Church planters in Malabo, from Mexico

Ghana, West Africa
Volante, Steve & Michelle, Africa Director, Church planter, Christian School, Children’s Home, Christian Radio, Bible Institute and Seminary in Techiman
Abedu-Kennedy, John & Dorcas, Business Coordinator and Central Region Church Planter from Ghana
Abedu-Kennedy, Josiah & Mary, Assistant Business Coordinator and Church Planter/Pastor from Ghana
Addai, Peter & Naomi, Church Planter/Pastor in Bolagatanga, from Calvary Baptist in Techiman, Ghana
Appiah, Samuel & Vester, Church Planter/Pastor in Techiman, from Ghana
Assem, Robert & Faustina, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Ayaric, Gilbert & Naomi, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Bethesda Children’s Home in Techiman
Ebo, Isaac, Church Planter/Pastor from Calvary Baptist in Techiman, Ghana
Gyamfi, Kwabena & Susan, Associate Church Planter/Pastor in Ahensua, from Ghana
Hope International School in Techiman
Kontor Agyeman, Peter & Eunice, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Korang, Joseph & Gladys, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Korsah, George, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Kyeremeh, Stephen & Stella, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Meldrum, Brad & Lydia, Church Planter from Australia
Oppenheimer, Susan, Teacher and Ladies ministries in Bonkwai
Peterson, Jim & Dona, Church Planter, Teacher, Radio Ministry, Children’s Home in Toubudum
Sarfo Adu, Stephen & Martha, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Takyi, Atta Christopher & Afia, Associate Church Planter in Bonkwai, from Calvary Baptist in Techiman
Takyi, Godfred & Joyce, Associate Church Planter from Africa
Triano, Miguel & Nora, Church Planter from Mexico in Cape Coast
Volante, Rev. John & Patricia

Gueh, Joseph & Felicia, Associate Church Planter from Calvary Baptist in Techiman, Ghana
Kpah, Moses, Church Planter from Africa
Magbinne,Maxwell, Associate Church Planter from Africa

Gomes, Chris, partnered with N.O.W.
Kachimanga, Aron, partnered with N.O.W.
Kamoto, Frank, partnered with N.O.W.

Gbolou, Mawouli & Josephine, Church Planter from Africa
Sosaa, Pastor & Mrs., Associate Church Planter from Africa

China (Restricted)
Name is not listed for security, partnered with N.O.W. (National Outreach Worldwide)

Israel (Restricted)
Name not listed for security

Patterson, Bill & Marcy, Vice-President, Mount Abarim Baptist Translators
Mongolian Bible Translation Team:

Padilla, Greg, Church Planter from the Philippines

Vietnam (Restricted)
Name is not listed for security, partnered with N.O.W. (National Outreach Worldwide)

Garza, Jonathan, Church Planter from Mexico working with IBJM

Maulucci, Nick & Katie, church planters

Sobrevilla, Ivan, Church planters to the Jews, from Mexico working with IBJM

Bachman, Mr. & Mrs. Mark, church planter with FBMI
Talkington, Ryan, Church Planter sent from Hilltop Baptist Church of Colorado Springs

Planck, Stetson & Sandy, Church planter in Rome

Alvarez, Juan & María Esther, Church planting/Printing/Camp ministry in Zegama, from Mexico

North America

Ortiz, Javier, Church planters from Mexico

Cuba (Restricted)
18 Missionaries, Pastors and Church Planters. Names not listed for security, many are partnered with N.O.W. (National Outreach Worldwide)

Chan, Norberto & Adriana, Church planters from Mexico


Alley, James & Mary Boyd, International Representative
Zarris, George & Barbara, Christian Radio International

Alvarez, Cutberto & Rosaura, Mexican Office Manager, Cuernavaca
Bethesda Children’s Homes, Tlapa
Avilés, Marco & Yolanda,  General Director  Tlapa Homes
Nájera, Javier & Modesta, Tlapa, Girls Home Director
González, Omar & Érica, Boys Home Assistant Director
De La Rosa, María Estela,  staff
Mares, María, staff
Paniagua, Gloria, staff
Yépez, Verónica, staff
Zagal, Socorro, staff
Ambrosio, Emanuel, Tlapa, Tribal Mountain Ministry Team
Arceo, Pedro & María, Church Planter in Tecomán, Colima
Aurelio, Leopoldo, Tlapa, Tribal Mountain Ministry Team
Calvario Romero, Efrén, Church Planter
Cano, Julio, Tlapa, Tribal Mountain Ministry Team
Cortez, Reynaldo, Jewish Ministries in Monterrey with IBJM
Flores Sánchez, Ismael, Church Planter
García, Rodrigo, Tlapa, Tribal Mountain Ministry Team
Guzmán, Juan, Tlapa, Tribal Mountain Ministry Team
López, Antonio & Mara Isabel, Church Planter in Uruapan, Michoacán
López Flores, Asuncion, Church Planter
McCoy, Josefina, widow of Dr. Lyle McCoy
Mosso, Josías, Tribal Mountain Ministry Team
Patterson, Evelyn, Associate Missionary in Chilpancingo
Patterson, Mike & Becky, Missionary, President and General Director in Cuernavaca
Patterson, Mr. & Mrs. Nathan, Associate church planter in Chilpancingo
Pérez, Gregorio & Adriana, Church Planter in Campeche, from Mexico
Ramírez, Fernando, Church Planter
Reyes, Génesis, Office Staff in Cuernavaca
Ríos de Misericordia Children’s Home: Rivas, Dr. Leonardo & Esperanza, Ríos de Misericordia Children’s Home, Mexico City
Rivas, Omar, Ríos de Misericordia Children’s Home, Mexico City
Robertson, Chris & Elizabeth, church planter in Ixtlán del Río, Nayarit
Sánchez, Florencio, Tribal Mountain Ministry Team
Tapia, Sergio, Pastor, Tlapa Church
Torres, Joel & Judith, Church Planter in Cocula, Jalisco
Torres, Jose Socorro & Araceli, Church Planter in Apatzingán, Michoacán
Urquieta, Felipe & Blanca, Church Planter in León, Guanajuato
Villanueva, Samuel, Tlapa, Tribal Mountain Ministry Team
The following are church planters scattered all over Mexico:
Espinoza, Roberto
Estévez, Hermenegildo & Mariana
Flores, Juan
López, Alberto
López, Roberto
Pasos, Esteban
Pozo, Eduardo
Rocha, Jorge & Yolanda
Urquieta, Leonardo

Fragoso, Mauricio Zavala, Church Planter from Mexico
Galaviz, Alejandro, Church Planter from Mexico

United States
Carr, Dane & Danita, International Office Administrator/Assistant to President, Arlington, TX
Fernandez, Dr. Elmer & Martha, Director of Fires of Evangelism
Gibson, John & Joy, Church planter/Jewish ministries in New York City (IBJM)
Haston, Wayne & Sharon, Executive Administrator of International Training for ABWE
King, Donald & Gloria, Retired Treasurer and International Office Manager, Arlington, TX
Yant, William, Spanish Church Planting, Pasco, WA

South America

Silva, Fidel & Berta, Church planters from Mexico

Gilmer, Thomas, Sr. & Linda, Vice President, South America Director, church planter, Bible translation ministry in Sao Paulo
Gilmer, Harold & Lillian, Church planters in Sao Paulo
Gilmer, Thomas, Jr. & Luciana, Christian Radio
Ribeiro, Rom & Rachel, Church Planter in Goiania from Brazil

Hubbard, Dan & Christy, Team leader, church planter with FBMI
Sanchez, Manuel & Angélica, Church Planter from Mexico

Hodsdon, Carl, Church Planter in Caracas

***Missionaries whose names are italicized are associated with Mount Abarim by support or ministry partnership, but are not officially affiliated with Mount Abarim Baptist Mission International.

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